Where Do we get our wings and feathers?

We source our beetle wings from a protein farm in Thailand. They eat the beetles as an eco-friendly alternative to meat and the wings of the beetle are their waste.


We source our butterflies from aviaries and butterfly farms around the world. The butterflies life span is usually only a couple of weeks to a couple of months so the butterflies are collected after they pass away naturally and we buy the wings. The money that the aviaries get from selling these wings is put into reforestation and preserving the natural flora and fauna.

Our bird feathers are either naturally molted or sourced from other industries where the feathers are their waste.

Who we are

Where art and nature unite.

Founded in Charleston, SC in 2022

Monarch and Mariposa is a dynamic female partnership focused on preserving and showcasing the elegance and intricacies of nature.

We create jewelry and accessories using ethically and sustainably sourced bird feathers, butterfly wings, and beetle wings.

Explore our collection and wear pieces that tell a story of art, ethics, and a profound love for nature's beauty.